Friday, April 3, 2009

Hanging out in Raleigh

We have had a quite a week over here! Last weekend we celebrated Kristen's birthday with a fabulous evening out on the town! We enjoyed a three course meal at The Mint followed by drinks at Bogart's. The bartender was nice enough to mix up a non-alcholic concotion for me. Happy Birthday Kristen! We love you!

On Monday, we received this awesome handmade blanket for our little boy from the the McMurrays. Thank you Katie, Jim, and Natalie. It is amazing! Adam was so excited he wanted it for's just a little small though....

Adam left on Tuesday for a work trip to Las Vegas. He got to see a couple of his high school guys who came in from LA to hang out with him. For me, I was home in our new house for the first time and did alright! I worked on the nursery and did a little shopping =) Adam's plane should land in a little bit and it will be great to have him back home!

Random Fact from Adam: "What's the fastest-growing metropolitan area of the country? Well, it's Wake County, NC, of course (the county where Raleigh, Cary and several suburbs are). Population here grew 4.3% between 2007 and 2008, beating out the Austin, Texas growth of 3.8%."

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katie said...

aw, thanks for the thank you! i'm so glad you all like the blanket...i knew adam would :)

so looking forward to meeting the little guy!! hang in there steph, these last few weeks can be killer - make adam pamper you constantly!