Thursday, March 19, 2009

Asheville and the Third Trimester

Adam and I spent last weekend in Asheville as a getaway for just the two of us. We had a great time relaxing and checking out the Biltmore. The Biltmore is quite impressive and really an awesome place to see. And, we knew our friends Matthew and Emily were going to be in Asheville last weekend too, but we never thought we'd run into them at the Biltmore of all places! It was a fun time eating TONS of really great food (the food nerds in us couldn't get enough of the unique foods we had in Asheville)! A few highlights of our cuisine included: Rosemary peach lemonade, tupelo honey on fresh biscuits, Adam's Beer Ice Cream Float, hot chocolate with maple and smoked sea salt, and a multitude of yumminess at our Sunday Brunch at the Grove Park Inn.
All done touring the Biltmore
Matthew and Emily....they are having a boy too!

The impressive view of the Biltmore Estate

Adam enjoying his maple cake with himalayan salt and his beer ice cream float

Time is flying by fast as I have started the third trimester! Fortunately, I have all of my fabric for his nursery and need to get going on my sewing machine! We also were lucky enough to get another ultrasounds to see our little boy today from a friend. He is so cute and we are loving his chubby cheeks! Check out more of those pictures here.

28 weeks and still feeling good!

He's so adorable...

Hope you are all doing well! We miss all of you who are far away!!!

Random Fact from Adam: "According to Reason, there were only 44 American breweries in 1979. Now, there are 1,463 breweries, including 975 brewpubs. The spark: legislation signed by Southern Baptist President Jimmy Carter. By point of comparison, in 1872, there were 3,421 commercial breweries in America, or roughly 17 times as many per capita as there are now."

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Heather & John said...

OMG!!! he IS so adorable! this picture is AMAZING!! i'm so excited to meet him.... you look great too, and again- i recognize that pink shirt! ;)