Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Shower #1

Today was my first Baby Shower! We had it at Kristen's home and it was a Tea Party! All of us ladies had a blast with the beautiful decorations and wonderful food! The Tea Party consisted of three courses...

  • Course 1 - Earl Grey Rooibos Tea with Mini Sandwiches - We had 3 different kind of sandwiches in cute little shapes. There was olive tapenade sandwich on pumpernickel bread, cucumber and chive on white bread, and pear lavender spread on wheat bread. They were all scrumptious!

  • Course 2 - Blood Orange Pear Tea with Scones - My friend Janice made cranberry lemon scones and plain scones with the option of raspberry preserves or homemade devonshire cream or homemade lemon curd. This was also very delicious!

  • Course 3 - Chai Tea with dessert treats - Lemon Ricotta Blueberry Tarts, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Cranberry Ginger Biscotti, and Vienna Bread (a very yummy almond treat that I love from Kristen's family recipes).

It was so fun enjoying an afternoon of friends over tea! Thank you for all who came and for all the generous gifts!

While I was out enjoying my afternoon with the ladies, Adam had some of the husbands over to our house for some good guy hang out time. They played tennis at our neighborhood court and watched a boy movie (The 300). They even had good guy snack foods I made for them: chips and queso, haystacks, chocolate chip cookies, and man dip (sausage and cheese goodness as Adam likes to call it..)

It was a great time of fellowship for all! Adam and I are so thankful for everything and for all your friendships, encouragement, and support!

Here are some pictures from this afternoon. For additional pictures, click here.

Janice, Ashley, Me, and Emily

Ready for Tea!

Enjoying our first course

Yummy desserts!

A perfect outfit for our little cowboy...Thanks Aunt Jeremy

Me and Emily at 31 belly is definitely bigger!

Thanks to our lovely hostess Kristen!

Random Fact from Adam: "There are 3 creameries for milking water buffalo in the U.S., including Bufala di Vermont, based in South Woodstock, Vermont, which was the country's first water buffalo farmstead creamery. According to the company, "Water buffalo produce approximately 15% of the world's milk, primarily in Southeast Asia, South America and Italy. Italians have been using water buffalo for over 200 years where the meat and mozzarella are highly regarded delicacies."

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