Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hanging out in NC

So, we have finally stuck around in North Carolina for a couple weeks now and have enjoyed some fun this area has to offer. A couple weekends ago, Adam accompanied me and a couple ladies (Alicia and Kristen) to Hillsborough for dinner and Locopops. For those of you who missed the info about Locopops in previous blog posts, it is a gourmet popsicle place the is AWESOME. For example, this past time we were in Locopops, we had a honeydew lemon verbena popsicle and a hazelnut berry popsicle. My current all time favorite is still plum cinnamon basil. Here are a couple pics of me and the girls having some fun!

Last weekend, Adam, Kristen, and I went to a Wine Festival. There were over 500 wines there and needless we did not taste them all. We did get to bring a picnic basket with us that we filled with bread, cheese, crackers, and fun snacks. It was a fun day outside and hanging out together!

This weekend, I (Steph) went to a conference in Charlotte for Continuing Ed for work. It was an easy 2 hour drive with one of my co-workers and we got to stay with our friend Sarah Fox. Although the conference was good, it is nice to be back home and relax with Adam! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!

Coming soon....Beth and Mike's wedding is next week!!!!

Random Fact from Adam: "
South Carolina is allowing alligator hunting for the first time in 44 years, allowing hunters to kill a total of 1,000 alligators that are at least 4 feet long. The biggest one captured so far is 13 feet 4 inches long. There are 100,000 or more alligators in the state, and South Carolina is the 8th state to allow public hunting of the once-endangered species."

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