Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boston Reception

Adam and I headed back to Boston this past weekend to celebrate with Mike and Beth for their Boston wedding reception. In the short weekend we were there, I got the chance to have dinner with Heather, John, and their beautiful girl Savannah. And, once Adam arrived on Saturday, we ate a delicious lunch at my aunt's house with my grandmother and other family. Although a short trip to Boston, it was fun seeing everyone again!

Surf and Turf Lunch at my Aunt's

Mike and Beth dancing the night away

Nice work to Sandra and Nick who carved this pumpkin

Us taking a break to enjoy some food

Random Fact from Adam: "The National Confectioners Association forecasts sales of Halloween candy to hit $2.26 billion. The National Retail Federation predicts $1.77 billion. Other Halloween-related numbers:
* 64.5% of people plan to take part in Halloween activities this year. (I wonder if that counts people of faith who have "Fall Festivals" or similar gatherings.)
* The average amount spent on candy per person is $21.33. For costumes, decorations and cards per person: $45.21. (Cards? I know Hallmark sells them, but have you ever given or received a Halloween card? Did it same something corny like, "Have a spooktacular Halloween"?)"

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