Friday, September 19, 2008

Trip to Tennessee

Check our facial expression from the picture above! Adam realizes what is going on and I definitely have no clue, but am determined to keep my game face on! We had a blast in Tellico Bay with Adam's parents and family friends, Marcy & Mike. I attempted to water ski for the first time which resulted in consuming too much lake water...yuck! Everyone else did great though!

While in TN, we stayed with our good friends Greg and Allison. They are dear friends we knew from Boston and it was great seeing them and visiting Antioch Community Church of Knoxville. We dined at the only Jason's Deli in the area after church.

As we drove home last Sunday, we were passing through the town of Winston-Salem where our friends Matthew and Emily live. It was wonderful being able to have dinner in their home and feasting on Emily's wonderful cooking and homemade bread!

Random Fact from Adam: "According to the Chicago Tribune, last year Coca-Cola began putting smaller caps on plastic soda or water bottles holding 24 oz. or less, cutting plastic intake by 4 million pounds. This year, Coca-Cola will save 40 million pounds -- the equivalent of 280 million plastic beverage bottles."

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