Friday, October 17, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ledeboer!

Adam and I traveled to Philly to drive 45 minutes to a quaint town of Smithville, NJ where Mike and Beth were married on October 12th. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of fun and friends. On Friday, we got into town to have lunch with our good friends Greg and Allison Trevathan. The boys headed out to go deep sea fishing for the Bachelor Party. We're thankful no one got sick and they got a few fish! The girls' took it easy and headed out for the Bachelorette Party later that afternoon. We went into Atlantic City, had some dinner, and went back to a friend's place for hang out time and silly games.
The boys out in Atlantic City

Saturday - Bridal Luncheon at Beth's Aunt's house that was so wonderful. Adam and I walked around cute downtown Smithville for an hour before we headed to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner was out at the golf course and it was a blast seeing everyone take swings on the driving range.
Allison, Laura, and I at the Luncheon

David and Beth Merritt and their daughter Ella

Trevathans and Merritts at the Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday was the big day with Holly, Kirsten and I doing each other's hair before meeting up with everyone else. The wedding was gorgeous and the reception was just awesome. We all had a great time and we're so happy that they are married now! Congratulations Mike and Beth!

The beautiful bride

In the limo headed to the church

The Bridal Party

Us with the Newlyweds

Random Fact from Adam: "
Continuing the hunting theme, sort of... In North Carolina, an estimated 13,500 deer are hit by cars each year, costing $116 million dollars. I'm not mathematician or insurance person, but $8,600 per accident seems a bit steep, considering that the car wins just about all of the time."

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Laura said...

While I'm very glad to see our former home of South Carolina being so duly represented on the Parkens blog - Adam's clever and fun random facts are getting repetive - or else I'm just seeing double! Hope ya'll are doing well and enjoying a real Autumn on the east coast. We just got below 80 degrees yesterday! :-)