Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let's Play OUTSIDE!

Yes, the weather is sunny, warm, and beautiful and we are going to make the most of it! The boys and I get out for a walk and we play on the deck. It is great to be able to soak in the sun and enjoy the great weather. Our neighborhood is full of flowers in bloom and we are all loving it!
We are all ready to go!
(This stroller has been awesome. It was able to fit the infant carrier when Everett was really little, but now the boys both use the seats. The seats can face forward, or they can face each other, or they can go back to back like this! It has been worth every penny to be able to get out a little with Dash and Everett!)

Love the flowers that are around our neighborhood

There are a lot of these trees too

It was a little cool on Tuesday, but we still loved the sun

A couple old sheets on our deck made a perfect spot to play

Checking out the deck

Hmmm....what should I do next?

It was really bright and sunny today!

Looking for a toy

Everett is laughing at something funny!

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