Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Kristen celebrates her birthday today! Happy happy birthday to you! We got to join in the birthday party fun over the weekend with a cookout, sunshine, the game of Washers, and a firepit for making s'mores. Supposedly, Washers is a Texas game and the Texas girl wanted it at her party. She also got Blue Bell too...the best ice cream ever. I attempted to make her a cake with a high heel shoe on it. I was hoping it to be a little more pointy, but overall, it turned out alright.
Adam throwing his washer and trying to get it in one of the holes

Everett is wearing his Baylor shirt that Kristen gave him

Enjoying the sunshine

Everett and Mommy

Everett and Auntie Kristen
(yes, all of the noise you hear is from Everett even though his mouth isn't moving)


Colby and Joanna said...

I love his Baylor shirt!!! Sic 'Em! And what do you mean supposedly Washers is a Texas game...of course it is! And we love it! I guess I hung out with too many KOTs in college! :) Looks like ya'll are having fun and enjoying the sun!

Melinda Nunez said...

Happy birthday Kristen! I am jealous she gets to play with your fun little baby. Also, sorry about the Baylor basketball game. I was rooting for ya!