Monday, April 5, 2010

Springtime Fun


Everett is just SO MUCH FUN to play with. If you haven't come over to play with him lately, I highly recommend it. The rocking chair you see in the pictures is one from when I was little. If I remember right, it was from my grandfather. I put Everett in it to see what he would do and he liked it! So I handed him his picture book and The Hungry Caterpillar and let him have some fun. He is getting to big! AND, I love how cute is legs and feet are when he is wearing shorts!
Look at my book with me!

I love this story because it's all about eating!

Look at this page....he gets to eat cake!

Hmmm, can I hold on and still open the book?

Smiling for Mommy

So, I fed Everett part of a chicken tamale and black beans for lunch the other day. He (and Dash) were a mess. I found it entirely hilarious and took some pictures. Look at this face!
Mommy, I am eating. Why do you have the camera out?

You're not going to distract me! I've got food here!

Mmm mmmm!

The boys played outside on our deck for a little bit and got hot and thirsty. Here they are drinking water to rehydrate

With the warmer weather, I got to dress Everett in shorts this weekend. He looks so good in this outfit from Auntie Kristen!

Easter Sunday was a wonderful time at church and celebrating our Savior. In the afternoon, we hosted a few people over for a wonderful meal that I was super excited to make. On the menu, we had: deviled eggs, chilled carrot and herb soup, Caesar salad (I even made the dressing!), honey and thyme glazed ham with pineapple sauce, smoked gouda mac and cheese, asparagus, and a pineapple meringue cake for dessert. It was DELICIOUS!
The spread of food

Great friends!

Everett got the bunny ears from his grandmother and Auntie Heather gave him his first Easter basket with lots of fun goodies!

Love this picture! Everybody in pink!

Our first Easter together as a family!

Random Fact from Adam: "Some Internet 2009 stats, courtesy of Pingdom:
  • 90 trillion e-mails sent, of which 81% were spam
  • 234 million Web sites, including 81.8 million .com domain names
  • 1.73 billion Internet users
  • 50% of Facebook's 350 million users log in every day"

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