Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anyone there?

Dash: "Is my Mommy or Daddy out there?"
Everett: "I haven't seen my Daddy all day...Is he out there?"

Dash: "I'll come help you Everett. I'll see what I can find."

"Any luck? We can't find anyone...."

Dash: "I'll look through my window again."

Everett: "I'll check mine again too."

Hmmm....still no one there.

Oh look! I did find my Mommy! She'll play with you too Dash! Come on!

These two boys were so sweet today. They are really learning to play together and it is so cute. Adam left this morning for Las Vegas for work and Everett goes around the house saying "Dada? Daddy? Dada? Daddy?" Alas, Everett and I wait a couple more days to see Adam. We're doing just fine though and we had lots of fun with Dash today.

Here's a picture of Everett and his Daddy a couple days ago. The rocking cool shirt was from Mim when we visited her in California. Love the red and Chinese writing on it! Everett is a stylin' dude!

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