Monday, November 2, 2009

Everett's First Halloween!

Before we get to the Halloween pictures...We thought you should see these cute faces! Our friends, John and Heather, have moved down here to NC and they live only 15 minutes away! We were over at their house for dinner this past week and Savannah LOVES Everett. She points to him and knows he is the "baby." She loves to give him hugs and is really quite adorable!

Savannah is so excited that Everett has come over to play!

Now, on to Everett's first Halloween! Well, on Saturday , it was 80 degrees in Raleigh. Let's just say Everett's lion costume wasn't on him the entire day or he would have been sweating! Adam and I enjoyed the company of friends and fellowship at our house for Halloween. I had so much fun making food and getting ready for our small party. We had cinnamon sugar popcorn, caramel apple fixings, black bean and avocado crostini, cheese and crackers, chips and dip and that's just the appetizers! For dinner, we made these awesome grilled pork chops, Abbey made delicious roasted potatoes, Katy made green beans, and we finished the meal with some of my homemade pumpkin ice cream accompanied with molasses cookies. YUM!

Everett helped us greet trick-or-treaters and we visited a few neighbors in the evening. We were all decked out in costumes and I feel they might need an explanation. I started out the evening wearing my masquerade mask, but found that too cumbersome so opted to change into my straw hat to be a farm girl. Adam got this genius idea that involves a pilot costume, an eye mask, and a laptop....can you guess what he is?! (answer at bottom of post). Our friends Katy and Brannon came as the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood and Jerald and Abbey sported some camo gear! Needless to say, Everett wins as the cutest of all being a very huggable lion!!!
Heather borrowed my trusty Peter Pan Costume!

They stopped by in the afternoon before they joined in on the festivities in their neighborhood. John collected items around his house and ended up with a pirate costume and Savannah makes quite a cute Little Red Riding Hood!

Us with the cute munchkins!

Who can resist the face?

When lounging in the house, Everett sported his Halloween sleeper thanks to his Grandma!

We look like quite the group.....

Visiting our next door neighbor - I think Everett was trying to go after Kendall's bottle!

Our neighbor, Annabelle, as Little Bo Peep

Enjoying a fun Halloween night!

A little worn out from all the fun....

Adam was dressed as a Northwest Airlines pilot

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