Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back from Boston

Adam and I made our last big trek to Boston and made it home safely. Adam went up first to finish up his last week at work and then I landed on Friday (Aug 29th) and we stayed until Sunday Sept 6th. It was a great time of seeing friends, celebrating our 2nd anniversary, and gearing up for the next chapter in our lives.

A trip to Boston would not be worthwhile if we didn't hit up some of our favorite restaurants. So where do the Parkens go when in Boston? Many people ask and here is the list:

  • Border Cafe in Harvard Square: the 2nd best fajitas after Chuy's in Dallas
  • Brown Sugar Cafe on Comm Ave: the best Thai, the green curry is amazing
  • Peach Farm: Yes, we know it is a weird name considering it is the best Chinese food in Chinatown, my whole family eats here
  • Ristorante Saraceno in the North End: homemade pasta, need I say more
  • Blue Ribbon BBQ: if we can't get homemade smoked meat, this is the closest thing...
  • Mike's Pastries: Italian goodies in bucket loads, I personally go for the cookies
  • Modern Pastry: they fill their cannolis when you order them, oh yummy
  • Angora Cafe: it's the frozen yogurt place that has about 40-50 flavors to mix in
  • Not Your Average Joe's: besides the name, we love this place with it's creative menu and local ingredients
  • Fire and Ice: Mongolian Grill maddness, if you really want something crazy, go for their Sunday brunch, we did it this time and we've done it before, you won't eat for days....
  • Finale Dessertie: Some people say $10 for a dessert is extravagant, but every now and then, it's worth treating yourself because these delectables are really works of art
  • James Hook: the best lobster rolls in town, $12 will get you a pile of fresh lobster meat in a bun
  • We have several seafood options we like: Legal Seafoods, Quincy Market, Kelly's for their fried clams, or the Legal's Test Kitchen if you dare!
While we were in Boston, we did do more than eat....I PROMISE! We got to spend time with many friends and family during the week. I also got the joy of being in town for Beth's Bridal Shower. It was all so fun seeing so many people we love so much and don't see enough. A special thanks to Jerald and Abbey for hosting us while we were there. We truly appreciate your generosity and kindness.

Here are a few pics from our trip....more can be found on my facebook page. Did I say facebook page?!?!? Sure did...I entered the facebook world and I'm still not sure if I'm sold on it quite yet....time will only tell....

Savannah Rose Finnochiaro fell asleep while I was holding her

Samantha and Wesley are getting so big!

Yummy lobster roll

Me and Sarah Bianchi

My new little cousin Olive

Beth, Abbey, and Me

Random Fact from Adam: "Newsweek reported that about 3.5 million pounds of peanut butter goes uneaten every year, stuck at the bottom of the jar, according to Sherwood Forlee a former Princeton University engineering student. So Forlee has invented the Easy PB&J Jar, which comes with a lid on each side and straight, smooth internal walls to get to all of the peanut buttery goodness."

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Heather & John said...

not sold on facebook yet?? are you kidding?! it's my newest and greatest obsession! :) miss you already.