Monday, January 7, 2008

It's a New Year! Happy 2008!

After time in Texas with both of parents, we returned to North Carolina to host some of our dear friends we lived life with in Boston. Texas was as fun and relaxing as usual. My little cousins, Madison (7 years old) and Ethan (5 years old) were in town. Adam and I got to take them ice skating for their very first time along with playing games with them. We also got to go to this very awesome ice sculpture exhibit at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Hotel. Check out our pictures below!

Our drive home took a total of about 17 hours with stop and break to sleep outside of Atlanta. We had a car load of stuff as our parents really took advantage of us driving this time! Somehow, we fit a rocking chair, cabinet, ottoman, large lamp, two large suitcases, ice chest with brisket and ribs (very important), and piles of Christmas gifts. Thank you to our parents for all the generous gifts!

Once back in NC, the fun got kicked off with picking up Beth Abrams from the airport followed by Big Mike himself. The next day followed David and Beth Merritt with Greg and Allison coming in for New Year's Eve. We all had a blast spending time with each other and ringing in the New Year! Adam and Mike planned a double date for Beth and I were we got to go to the NC Museum of Art followed by an extraordinary outing to a Tea Room. We all got to choose a tea from an at least an 8 page menu. Then, we got yummy finger sandwhiches, scones, and wonderful pastries and petit fours. The tea room was in a beautiful house with cute things to buy in the different rooms and cafe tables in the back for tea. Needless to say, Beth and I did a little shopping too. For New Year's Eve, I made dinner for us all and then we fired up round two later with fondue and munchies. We had way too much food, but it was all so fun!

Hope you are all doing well in the New Year!

Ice Skating with Adam...he's their new favorite!

I made Uncle Richard his own camo apron; it says "I cook, I hunt, I eat, I am UNCLE RICHARD!"

That whole thing is made of ICE!! It was unbelievable!!

Party at the Parkens!!!

Fondue Fun

It was a BLAST!

Random Fact from Adam: "Out of the estimated 450,000 billboards in the U.S., only 500 are digital, according to the Associated Press. The others show ads for Cracker Barrel."

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