Friday, January 18, 2008

VOTE Please!

Hello y'all! Most of you know I've gotten into sewing lately. I have made aprons, curtains, and now nursery sets. So, I thought it would be great to add a label to the items and come up with a name. We have awesome friends who can help design me a logo (thanks Hosea!) and get me started with this. Let me know what you think. All I know is my favorite color is red and I thought a strawberry would be awesome as part of the logo. Thanks April for helping me with some of the names. Check out her awesome photography company at!!


Collette Minter said...

Stephanie, Unrelated question! I need your email address. We're planning a baby shower for Melinda on March 1 and wanted to send e-vites as well as written ones. Thanks! Collette M

The Self Cottage said...

okay since i didn't get to vote i like southern strawberry too! can't wait to see your stuff! i heard you are making one for little Reeve!