Thursday, December 20, 2007

COOKIES everywhere!!

In an effort to satisfy my need to bake and host, we had a Christmas cookie party back on Dec. 8th. (Sorry for the late post...things have been hectic here in NC!) It was such a blast as we packed in nearly 30 people and many plates of cookies. I had made punch, mulled cider, coffee, and hot chocolate to help wash down the sweets, but needless to say, we all sugar crashed soon enough. It was awesome to welcome college students, co-workers, new friends, and old ones into our home. The selection of cookies were quite impressive too: thumbprint cookies, mocha bars, peanut butter balls, haystacks, mint cream cheese brownies, white chocolate cranberry macadamia nut, double chocolate chip, regular chocolate chip, rice krispie treats, pistachio cranberry, shortbread, oatmeal crisps, peanut butter cup cookies, and more!!! Can you say YUMMMY!?! Yes, I love to bake, but I did not make all of those cookies. I made a few batches and everyone who came brought some too. There were bags to fill with leftover cookies before you went home, so no one left low on sugar. It was so much fun!!!

(pictures to come.....difficulty with wireless at the parents' house currently....)

Random Fact from Adam: "The largest temperature disparity ever recorded in a 24-hour period was in
Loma, Montana from January 14-15, 1972. In that period, the temperature rose from -54 degress Fahrenheit to 49 degrees-- a 103 warm-up!!"

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