Thursday, November 29, 2007


Adam and I got to fly back home to Texas to spend a few days with our parents to celebrate Thanksgiving and my birthday! Thanksgiving day began with a funny little story actually.....Since we were staying at our parents' homes, I did not pack shampoo and such. The first night of our stay was at Adam's folks house and I woke up to get in the shower. I browsed through a couple cabinets and then found a bottle labeled "shampoo" and another "conditioner" in Adam's toiletry bag. Needless to say, I used it although the "shampoo" never lathered and the "conditioner" stunk really bad. Once Adam saw that I used it, he started busting out in laughter informing me that the "shampoo" was his hair gel and the "conditioner" was aftershave. Oh yes, I had to get back in the shower and wash the hair all over again after getting REAL shampoo and conditioner from Adam's mom. Moral of the story: never trust your husband's toiletries.

We headed from Adam's parent's house to Steph's parent's house where the feast was already in the works. We took a break from prepping the food and got to spend time with Adam's brother Scott and his wife Kristie! Once we got back to the house, I had the BEST surprise ever as my Uncle Richard was standing in the kitchen working on our turkey. Awhile back, I found out he wasn't going to be a part of our Thanksgiving meal and was very bummed out. So, when he was there, we were more than thrilled! The feast included: 1 fried turkey, 1 baked turkey, peppercorn venison (Steph's favorite), sweet potato casserole, Chinese greens, persimmon cranberry sauce, cornbread dressing, and pecan pie. YUMMMMMY!!!!

Steph and Uncle Richard

If we hadn't eaten enough, Friday's dinner was a nice birthday party for Steph at her house. We had about 16 people there and lots of food. The menu included: blackened salmon, pork ribs, chicken and prosciutto, asparagus, stir fry veggies, rosemary potatoes, and a huge black forest cake I made and decorated myself! Can't you tell our family loves to cook! It was wonderful to see so many friends. Definitely a fantastic birthday!

Birthday Party Fun!

Ooooo CAKE!

Check out those pretty flowers Adam got me!

We flew out on Saturday and ate good ole Tex-Mex at Uncle Julio's before our flight out. Let's just say we miss the Mexican food here in NC and are glad to get it whenever we can. Due to our late lunch, Adam and I didn't have dinner and chose to have a midnight snack once we got home.....ahhh, the joys of vacation...

Sunday was a day of relaxing and getting the house decked out with Christmas fun. The tree is up, garland hung, and ornaments out. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. Hope you are all doing well!!

(The picture below was taken by photographer extraordinaire, Kristen. We did a mini photo shoot to figure out which picture should go in our Christmas cards. The one below did not make the final cut. And yes, my shirt does say "I am in love with a cowboy." Keep an eye on your mailbox and you should be getting a Christmas greeting from the Parkens soon!)

Random Fact from Adam: "It's a Wonderful Life" cost $3.7M to make (quite expensive for an independent film in 1946), but only made $3.3M in its first box office run. Thanks to Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for that one.

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The Self Cottage said...

HILARIOUS! I love that you used the hair gel and after shave in your hair...that is SO something I would do or should I say Tyler would do to me! Love you...and sorry I have not been good about commenting. It is so good to see pics of ya'll. Miss you, L