Monday, November 19, 2007

Friends: Old and New

A few weekends ago, we had the pleasure of hosting the Teagues as they made the drive from Boston to Texas. We absolutely love Morgan and Bruce and really, who can resist Elijah's ultimate cuteness?! Exactly. It was a blast showing them around town, sharing meals, and walking around the Duke Gardens. We continue to pray for them as they prepare to move to Morrocco in the upcoming months to serve over there long term. We miss you guys and love you tons.

Amazingly, we have yet to introduce to all 6 of our readers our first 4 Raleigh-Durham friends. We got to know them early on when we went to Providence Baptist Church (as a side note, props to the church for getting the URL back in 1995). And if you come to Raleigh, there’s a good chance you’ll get to partake of laughs and liquids with them.

First up: Branon and Katy Mack. Branon’s a hoss for building a 2-car garage next to his house. In case that wasn’t enough, he had the forethought to put a Man Room above it. Rumor has it that there will be a pool table and some beverages from locales such as Lynchburg. I haven’t helped yet, but I keep promising Branon that I will. Then I’ll be able to justify hanging out over there when it’s all done. And Katy is quite the wine connoisseur; she and Steph share tips and reviews. Katy also is quite knowledgeable about the area, and has given us plenty of tips for food and nightlife.
Branon and Katy
Next up: Chad and Rachel Hensley. First time I met Chad: he came over to a Bible study at the Macks house and took out a mounted albino deer head out of his truck, like it was a signed Mickey Mantle jersey or something. I thought, “I’m not in Boston anymore.” Chad is one of the funniest guys I know, period. And Rachel not only risks daily embarrassment as Chad’s wife, but also knows how to shoot her own (pink!) bow. And we thought the pink Red Sox caps were a bit much…

Rachel and Chad

Random Fact #1 from Adam: Massachusetts is the leading state in cranberry production, followed by Wisconsin, New Jersey, Washington, and Oregon.

Random Fact #2 from Adam: The official vegetable of North Carolina is the sweet potato. NC produces 40% of the nation’s crop.

Steph's comment to Random Fact #2: Do you know how many sweet potatoes we bought the last trip we made to the Farmer's Market. Not 2 lbs., not 5 lbs, but a grand total of 25 lbs. of this vegetable of NC. Umm yeah...we had a hard time passing up a large box of sweet potatoes for $8. Adam is convinced that it was closer to 30 lbs. since the box was overflowing. Let's just say, I'm finding all kinds of great ways to put them taters to use!

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