Sunday, October 3, 2010

Everett's 10th Haircut

Yes, our son has had many haircuts in his 17 months of life. I think we are on cut #10 now, but I'm starting to lose track. His hair was getting long and it was about that time again. I had him sit in his booster seat on the back deck while I cut his hair. We had a fun weekend celebrating Josh & Alicia's wedding and Ryan's birthday. Here are pictures of our growing boy!
Eating my snack while Mommy cuts my hair...
this is before I got started...

Haircut is all done!

Such a big boy!

Walking around waiting for Daddy at work

Everett and Daddy competing for another bite of banana pudding at the Rehearsal Dinner

Eating cornish pasties for the 1st time at Ryan's birthday party...Everett inhaled was nearly embarrassing...

All dressed and ready for church

We could not get over how cute he looked all dressed for church with his hair fixed and in his big boy shoes!!!

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