Friday, September 24, 2010

Charleston, Knoxville, and Friends

It's been awhile seen I've posted pictures, so here are quite a few to get you all caught up with life in the Parken house! Adam and I celebrated our 4th anniversary at the end of August and we were blessed by a weekend getaway to Charleston, SC. Great friends watched Everett for us and we enjoyed exploring the city of Charleston along with eating our way through the city! Charleston had so much history that we toured several homes and took a carriage ride downtown. We had amazing meals and loved staying at 1837 Bed and Breakfast.
Charleston, SC

The Carriage Ride

Gorgeous buildings were everywhere

Down by the water

For the second weekend in September, we headed down to Knoxville to spend time with Greg and Allison as I was helping with her baby shower. Allison got a great surprise as we brought our dear friend, Beth, with us! It was such an awesome weekend being around such close friends and helping the Trevathans get ready for the arrival of their little girl Emery!
Two fo my favorite girls and my favorite ice cream...BLUE BELL!

Allison's baby shower

Everett snuggling for reading time with Uncle Greg

All of us getting ready to dig into some food!

Having fun at the Tennessee Valley State Fair

Adam and Beth getting ready to have a Fried Twinkie

Adam gnawing on a turkey leg and Greg working on some BBQ

Beth loves ketchup....and, she taught Everett how to dip his food into ketchup. It was so great to have her around for a few days!!

In true Parken form, Everett is eating like it is his job. We are suspecting it is due to a growth spurt, but he has been devouring food like crazy. For breakfast one day, Everett ate 2 blueberry pancakes, a fried egg, and a bowl of applesauce. For breakfast today, he ate 1 bowl of cereal, 1 fried egg, and 3 bowls of applesauce...Adam decided to cut it off after that. Here is a before and after picture of one of his dinners consisting of bagel pizza, peas, and sweet potatoes. Let's just said Adam is proud to call Everett his son. =)
Everett's plate before we gave it to him

Everett's plate after his dinner

Everett has learned to feed himself with a spoon! It's super cute. We are still working on the fork, but it doesn't stop him from getting his food in his mouth!

Everett continues loving hanging out with his best buds. He gets to play with Dash 4 days a week and Max at least twice a week. Max will come over on Tuesdays and Thursdays when were home just to join the the fun with all the boys. Here are all the boys together from yesterday...
Everett, Max, and Dash

And, because I love shopping, I couldn't resist this hat for Everett at Baby Gap. I'm hoping it cools off soon so he can actually wear it. But, either way, here is our adorable little boy modeling Mommy's new purchase!
Totally irresistable!

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