Saturday, May 22, 2010


Everett has had a lot of fun lately spending time with some of his friends. I took him to the play area at the mall for the first time and loved climbing on the structures and being around all the kids. He is starting to say more words "ight" - light, "done" - all done, "ink" - drink, "yummy," and "night night". He is able to shake his head yes or no, and do sign language for all done. Everett loves loves making people laugh and will laugh right along with you too. He has such a charming personality and he is so very lovable! Here are some pictures of him having a good time with friends.
Everett was SO excited

He loved being in this sailboat

Everett opened his birthday present from Kyle and enjoyed playing with the card

Kyle and Everett in the pool

Sharing pool toys

Dash and Everett at the neighborhood playground

Everett loved going down the slide!

Our new playroom

Excuse me Everett, but what are you doing!?!?

Showing Savannah my tent

Random Fact from Adam: "There are more than 34,000 post offices in the country, which is more locations than Walmart, Starbucks, and McDonalds combined (Newsweek article)"

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