Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Adam and I are so blessed to have amazing Moms in our lives and we are truly thankful for all they do for our family! Thanks Mom and Mom!

This year's Mother's Day was quite different from last year. Last year, my Mother's Day was spent in the NICU next to Everett as he was continuing to recover from his surgery. This year, we all spent the day in downtown Raleigh as a family and had an awesome time! On Saturday, I got to sleep in late while Adam took care of Everett. Ahhhh, that felt so good! We then headed to Downtown for lunch at The Diner. Cute atmosphere and pretty good food! After filling our bellies up, we walked over to the Museum of Science. Such a cool museum....4 floors of ocean life, snakes, butterflies, etc. etc. etc. The best part of it all, Everett just took his afternoon nap in his stroller. Way to go little man!

We then did a quick look around in the
Museum of History as it was across the street. Not as much to see there, but still a great place to check out. I got treated to a little refreshment of an Italian Creme Soda and a coffee shop downtown as we continued to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. One of our most favorite spots downtown is Raleigh Times for great and unique beers. We took a table outside and enjoyed yet another refreshing drink before heading to dinner. Dinner was at a new Italian restaurant called delicious! The day was topped off by popcorn and watching The Blind Side at home after Everett went to bed. It really was an AWESOME way to celebrate and spend time with my family. THANK YOU Adam!
Everett loves to sit in this position in his carseat and make himself laugh. He was laughing nearly the whole time we were driving Downtown. Adam and I were just cracking up!!

The largest shark's mouth and teeth to be found

Blue Whale skeleton...this thing was gigantic

Butterfly Conservatory

Everett loved checking everything out!

Looking at the fishes


Everett enjoying the museum

Daddy and Everett

Mommy and Everett

Random Fact we learned at the Museum: "North Carolina is the only place in North America where emeralds are mined."

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Steve, Tracy, Wesley & Reeve said...

What a fun Mother's Day! Steph, you deserve every bit of it! Everett is so blessed to have you for a Mommy! And Adam is a blessed man too! Oh how we miss you guys! Loved the pictures!!