Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow!

Well, it snowed again last night and we got another several inches. The snow pictures below are from a few weeks ago when we got snow, ice, and wintry mix. Our computer is back and for now, it seems like it is working normally. Yeah! So, here are some new pictures for all of you!
Snow covering our street

In front of our house all bundled up

Everett and Mommy playing in the snow

Our neighbors came over for dinner with their daughter, Kendall, since we were all snowed in

Everett loves getting to his feet

He even pulls himself up on the couch

Everett had is 9 month check up a last week and he is doing great! He is in the 50% for length, but still in the lower percentile for weight. We're doing what we can to fatten him up with avocado, butter and pasta, and whole milk yogurt! When he goes to the doctor's, he loves looking at himself in the mirror. It is so funny to me, so here are a couple pictures of him checking himself out!

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cnaveale said...

Hey!! Everett is getting sooo big and still so adorable! Looks like you guys got snow as well. We just had a ton and now getting some more today and tomorrow. Chris and I are ready for it to be over! We miss you guys too, we plan on making a trip down in April so hopefully we can see you then!