Thursday, February 25, 2010

Being a Mom...

Being a mom no doubt changes your life. So many people told us that and I definitely was expecting it. Having Everett is like nothing else we have ever experienced. Here is this sweet, innocent, wide-eyed boy just ready to soak the world all in. In a few days Everett will be 10 months old....where has the time gone? He is no longer a tiny cuddly baby, but this extremely huggable boy with such a charming personality.

A few lessons that I've learned as a Mom....
  • I can't keep the house fully stocked of all my baking products like I used to. I think I actually ran out of something for the first time once I had a baby.....
  • No one cares if I don't shower until 4pm in the afternoon - it's even okay to not shower if I never leave the house in a day!
  • It's okay to do things one-handed....that means I'm holding my baby in my other arm and what a blessing having a baby is
  • Spending time as a family has a whole different meaning - Adam and I love our time together and we love our time as a family....we are enjoying making memories and treasuring them dearly. We leave for our first big family vacation to California on Saturday!
  • It is nice to have time to be outside in the real world...even without my precious son
  • I love cooking and baking and spending time in the kitchen and I have loved making all of Everett's food! Who knew making baby food would be so exciting to me!?!
  • I don't know near as much as I wish I did - thank you to all you Moms, friends, and family for all the advice and encouragement along the way....keep 'em coming!!!
  • Patience - really can't have enough of it
  • Watching your baby change before your eyes as he grows is a miracle and a gift from is fascinating to see how fast Everett learns something new
  • Getting a hug and a kiss from my son is about the best thing in the world...yep he can do that now!
The Lord our Creator formed this precious boy and entrusted Adam and I with his life. We are constantly humbled by His gift and find more joy each day as we continue on our journey of parenthood. Needless to say, being a Mom is really the best job in the world....

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