Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

We had a wonderful relaxing Labor Day weekend spending time together as a family and with some of our friends. On Saturday, we took a drive to Winston-Salem to visit our good friends Matthew, Emily, and their 3 month old son Evan. We enjoyed some western style BBQ downtown and hanging out at their house for the day.
Everett and Evan playing on the activity mat together

Everett testing out the Bumbo seat and practicing sitting by himself! He's getting so big these days!

A fun day together!

On Sunday, we all went to church and Everett is doing great at the nursery. He's too active these days to keep him in the service, so he is in the "Cuddlers" class and gets plenty of cuddling. Everett had his first taste of rice cereal this weekend! It's still a little tricky, but he does great sitting in his highchair and opening his mouth for the spoon. The difficulty comes in with trying to use his tongue to maneuver the food around. We have no doubt he'll get it soon enough! We all ran errands in the afternoon and relaxed in the evening. With us all dressed for church, I thought we'd take some family pictures while it was nice outside.
Okay, I'm all ready in my high chair!

Hmmmm, this doesn't seem too bad

Well, this is definitely different...What is this you're putting in my mouth?!

OH! It's not that bad after all.

A new family picture

Everett and Mommy

On Monday, Adam and I made breakfast together after sleeping in for awhile. Friends came over for a cookout and we had delicious burgers, corn on the cob, watermelon, and more! We had a great time of fellowship, food, and fun!
Taking a break from getting the house clean to play

Do you want to come over and play with me?

Our Labor Day cookout

Everett and Daddy with the same crazy hair!

Random Fact from Adam: "Alaska's Rat Island is apparently rat-free now, which would make it the third-largest island in the world to be freed of rats (out of about 300). Most recently: Anacapa Island in California's Channel Islands National Park . There are about another dozen rat-infested islands in Alaska's Aleutian chain."

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