Tuesday, February 3, 2009

He's moving!

That's right....our baby boy is moving around as he is growing. Adam felt him kick for the first time yesterday! I have been feeling his movements for a couple weeks now, but it is definitely more noticeable these days. It was really funny (and cool) when he was moving a ton on my way home from work and I was thinking, geez he must be doing karate down there. So, I turned down the music and just started talking to him. What do you know....he calmed right down and mellowed out. Adam also does pretty good with calming him down by just talking to him or putting his hand on his belly. We'll see if we are this effective once he is born! Anyhow, that's the latest baby update for now. Here is a recent picture of me from this past weekend....22 weeks down!

Random Fact from Adam: "You can hit a fake rubber hand with a hammer and feel you own pain. Well, you can if you do The Rubber Hand Illusion, supposedly."


Heather & John said...

over half way there!! you look gorgeous! and i love the shirt! ;) so excited you're feeling lots of movement... what a fun time! i got your message- sorry i missed your call. we'll be there.

Colby and Joanna said...

So cute!!! :)