Friday, August 15, 2008


My wonderful husband turns 30 today!!! We have already had fun celebrating this awesome man and there is still more fun still to come. Last Friday, we hosted the 5th Annual Dodgeball Birthday Bash. 10 dodgeballs, 18 people, a gym, and a birthday boy.....we were having a good time. And for those of you who have participated in the Dodgeball madness before, we did have Papa John's pizza and Dr. Pepper as always. For the cake this year though, Adam requested a cookie cake. Let's just say I went a little overboard (the thing was a monster!).

For his birthday breakfast today, I made us some buttermilk blueberry pancakes and a casserole with eggs, potatoes, and sausge. All the flags you seen in the casserole are the 31 (one to grow on) of the many reasons why I love my husband. It was a fun way to serve him today! I think the rest of our day is pretty chill. I may run a few errands while he finishes up work and then we do have a church event tonight. We'll wait to go to dinner tomorrow night. But, if I'm lucky, I think we're going to this popcorn place this afternoon. Adam read about it in the newspaper. It is called The Mad Popper and they have all kinds of flavored popcorn including Sweet Tea and Carolina BBQ. I'll let you know what I think about it! Alrighty then, until next time.....have a happy day!

Adam, Mike, Chad, and Brannon

My pizza stone holding some of it's best work

The breakfast casserole

Happy Birthday ADAM!!!!

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Taryn said...

aw...i love all those flags in the casserole. i'm going to have to steal that idea one day. =) adam, you are one lucky man.