Friday, August 15, 2008

Beach Bums...

Last Saturday, Adam, Kristen, Alicia, and I headed to the beach. Alicia is a fellow OT and co-worker of mine and a native to NC. So, she could show us the ropes around Wilmington! We ended up at Fort Fischer beach and it was a great day of sun and sand. After catching some waves and lounging around, we ventured to downtown Wilmington for dinner. It is such a cute city! I describe it as a blend of downtown Savannah and Portland, ME. And, Dawson's Creek was filmed in downtown Wilmington....yes, I did watch that show through college. We got to eat at Caprice Bistro where Kris and I got Mussels and Frites!!! YUM YUM! Let's just say, there's nothing quite like Beligium fries. By the time we were back in Raleigh, the four of us were wiped out and slept nice and soundly that night!

The fun colored houses along the water

Me, Kristen, and Alicia

Strolling in downtown Wilmington

Random Fact from Adam: "In honor of the 2008 NC turkey hunting season, here are some wild turkey facts (no, not the booze):
* They can fly up to 55 mph. 55! I'm shocked. Johnny Damon barely throws that hard.
* More than 10,000 wild turkeys were harvested in NC in 2007. Considering 75,000 hunters go after them, that's a pretty low success ratio.
* They're in 49 of the 50 states (all except Alaska).
* I saw a wild turkey next door to my apartment in Newton, Mass. Hey, I never said all of these random facts were exciting."

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