Saturday, May 17, 2008

And.....we're back!

We're back....ONLINE! (our new hard drive came in from Dell)
We're back....from Greenwood, Misssippi
We're back....from Boston, Massachusetts
We're back....from Chicago, Illinois

But alas, we're leaving North Carolina again for.......HAWAII!!
So, here are a few highlights from our travels over the past 6 weeks:

Greenwood, MS - We drove all the way to Mississippi to my family's restaurant named Mai Little China. Adam and I got the joy of seeing my grandmother, great aunt and uncle, the infamous Uncle Richard, others uncles, aunts, and cousins, and my mom (sadly, my dad was not able to make it). Needless to say, we ATE a LOT of extremely delicious food. It was such a treat and a blast to be around family for the weekend.

Boston, MA - Adam was in Boston for work and I drove up there all by myself in order to be there for Beth and Mike's engagement weekend!!! It was a huge surprise for Beth and we all got to celebrate with them back at Mike's with wonderful friends and food that I had prepared. Lots of excitement, great friends and fellowship! Congratulations Mike & Beth!!!!

Chicago, IL - My best friend from high school, Melinda Nunez, is expecting the birth of her baby boy within the next week!! So, we flew up to Chicago for her baby shower and I got to give her the nursery set I made in person! Adam and I also got to see one of his high school buddies, Bryan and his wife Sara. This was my first trip to Chicago, so we had an awesome time hitting the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, and Nature Museum. We can't wait to meet baby Tony!!!

With our computer crashing, we did get a new hard drive, but have yet to restore the previous hard drive that has pictures from Mississippi and past trips too. Hopefully, we can find a place that will help us out on this matter at a reasonable price (if anyone has any tips, we welcome ideas).

Here are a pictures from Boston and Chicago though!!! And yes, we leave for Hawaii on Saturday and we'll return on Memorial Day. We should be able to keep the blog more updated now! Thanks for reading!!

The spread for Mike & Beth's Party!

The newly engaged couple!

Me, Beth, and Laura Richmond

Melinda and I at her baby shower

Melinda showing off her new Chicago Bears crib bumpers

The Nunezes and the Parkens out on the town in Chicago

Adam and I enjoying the butterfly exhibition at the Nature Museum

For more pictures feel free to click here.....

Random Fact from Adam: The Sears Tower will no longer be the tallest building in Chicago or the U.S. (which I'm sure everyone in the Midwest already knows). The soon-to-be tallest building will be The Chicago Spire, which will be 2,000 feet tall -- the tallest residential structure in the world.

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hey guys! i hope you're having a great time in jealous!