Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ladies' Brunch

Since being in NC, I have greatly missed hosting and cooking for groups of people. So, I made a plan. I invited all the women I knew in NC (around 15) to come over for Brunch today. We had a nice turn out of 7 and got to enjoy yummy food. I had lots of fun making my famous cinnamon rolls, sausage balls, broccoli quiche, and cranberry coffee cake. It was fun having some of my fellow OTs from work over too. Thanks Courtney, Allison, and Alicia for coming! Of course, what would be an event without my faithful friend Kristen....she's always willing to help out and taste test some food for me! Ashley Bundy and Steph Murray joined us as well and we all had a nice time chatting once others have left. It's great to see my community slowly growing! I am so GRATEFUL to have some friends here! PRAISE the LORD!

While the ladies and I were feasting, Adam kindly left us alone and went rollerblading. There is this awesome trail in Durham called the American Tobacco Trail. We have rollerbladed there several times because the trails are relatively flat and the scenery is quite enjoyable. The trail used to be railroads that connected the major cities, but now it is used for leisure. With the weather cooling off here now, I think I'm about ready to lace of my rollerblades and visit the trail again too.

Random Fact from Adam: "The bundt pan comes from the German word 'bund' which means a gathering of people."

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