Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello friends!

Nothing too new happening over here at the Parken house, but I'm sure some of you consistent readers are looking for some new Everett pictures. I haven't taken too many lately, but this is what I've got! Everett is doing wonderful and looking forward to his first plane ride next week to Boston! We will get a chance to spend time with friends and family! I'm in the process of making sure he has enough warm clothes to wear up there! Here is the handsome man:
Uncle Rock(Jerald) and Aunt Abbey holding Everett as he models his matching hat and shoes compliments of Auntie Bethie.

Dash and Everett talking to each other

Everett is all ready to go to bed! He loves sucking on that thumb lately. We're starting to wondering if we've entered the teething phase as there is lots of drool and lots of toys being put into his mouth!
I'm such a happy boy who loves to talk to anyone who will listen!

Random Fact from Adam: "44 percent of undergrads drop out of college, according to "Crossing the Finish Line" from William Bowen, a former president of Princeton University. Other data from the survey:
  • The size, location, and racial mix of a student's high school don't appear to influence his or her ability earn a college degree
  • This one's really interesting: those who attend "safety" schools are far more likely to drop out than those who get into "reach" schools.
  • 3.0 in high school is the magic number. Students who earn at least a 3.0 grade-point average are far more likely to graduate from college than students just under that mark.
  • Bright, well-prepared community college students are 36 percent less likely to make it through to a bachelor's than similarly qualified students who start their degrees at four-year schools.
  • Live on campus (if you can afford it): Colleges where most students live on campus and schools that create "honors" groups and "learning communities" are far more successful at graduating students than other universities."

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