Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Update

We have quite a few weeks with lots of fun this summer! The stream of wonderful visitors ended after the Red Egg party and I got some quality time with my sweet son before heading back to work. Fortunately, I am only working TWO days thanks to my awesome husband. I go in on Monday and Wednesdays and Everett spends time with our good friend Jenny. Jenny is a physical therapist who works with me who has a 6 month old son, Dash. It works out great because Jenny works Tues/Thurs and Dash gets to hang out with Everett and I at our house.
Aren't they cute?

Before going back to work, we decide to have a little party. A wine and chocolate tasting party! Kristen and I hosted it, but really Kris did all the hard work. With her working at a wine store now, she knows her stuff! It was such a blast having friends over and seeing how wonderful the pairings worked out. If you ever need a good party idea or any help, Kristen is your girl!
Of course, I had to take pictures with me when going to work, so I had took a recent one of Everett. Who can resist this adorable face?!?! We just love him so much.
We finally made it out to the BEACH! It is summer here and we wanted to get out in that sun! Fortuantely, North Carolina has plenty of great beaches with warm water to play in. Our friends Katy and Brannon invited us along as they have 4-wheel drive and can park right on the beach. It worked out great as Everett could sleep in the back of the Jeep. I had to prep Everett for the beach, so here he is testing out his beach hat! I think I am way more excited about it than he is!
Carolina Beach was gorgeous and we had a great day for it. Everett enjoyed testing out the water and playing the sand. Everett did awesome all day and we just had a blast. Other friends Cole and Joy joined us as well and we had ourselves a little party on the beach. Thanks everyone for such a fun time! We're definitely going to want to do it again soon! For more beach pics click here or check them out on Facebook...
The whole gang

There was wind at the beach and Everett's hair got a little crazy!

Testing out the water with Daddy...
we think he really liked it as there was no grimacing or crying and we played out there several times!!

Our first family trip to the beach

Random Fact from Adam: " William Shakespeare enthusiasts released 100 starling birds in Central Park in the early 1890s, according to the All About Birds guide from the Cornell University Lab or Ornithology. Today, the European starlings' population in North America is about 200 million birds, stretching from Alaska to Florida and northern Mexico."

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