Thursday, July 9, 2009

More visitors!

Heather and Savannah came to visit us all the way from Boston! It was so much fun showing them around the Triangle and trying to convince them to move down here! We spent the 4th of July in downtown Raleigh and time soaking the sun by the pool. Heather has started doing photography as a side buisness and she is quite talented. You MUST check out the pictures she took of Everett because they are TOO cute. Click HERE! Once on the site, click "newborns" and then "Everett" to see our sweet boy. Here are few other pictures from their week in North Carolina!
Savannah playing with Everett for the first time. She was so excited about the "baby!"

Heather's daughter, Savannah and Melinda's son, Tony meeting each other for the first time. It was seriously one of the cutest things ever watching them interact.
Heather and Savannah enjoying the warm sun down in the South

Downtown Raleigh on the 4th of July

Heather and Savannah checking out the ball pool at where I work! Yes, I love my job as I get to play all day!


Bruce said...

Great photos! My favorite is him in the basket sleeping.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is also the first basket pic. Too cute.