Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Adam gets to celebrate his First Father's Day today! Everett and I love him being a Daddy and can't wait for many more fun ahead! Also, Happy Father's Day to my own Dad and father-in-law. We actually get to celebrate today with my parents as they are still visiting here in NC. They were planning on leaving yesterday, but due to cancellation of flights, they won't be able to leave until tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday). So, they get more time with their grandson and we get to have wonderful quality time with them too. Here is what we've been up too this week:

We all helped to finish Everett's nursery as I found some nice additions the past week or so. Check out his super awesome "transportation" themed room! And yes, the red hanging airplane is our favorite!

Thanks to Melinda for making Everett's letters!!!
They are SO awesome!
My parents celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary this past weekend! Adam and I took them to one of our favorite restaurants, The Mint. It was a great time and Dad got to use his camera some more for family pictures...

Random Fact from Adam: "According to N.C. Gov. Beverly Purdue, there are more generals at Fort Bragg (NC) than anywhere in the world other than the Pentagon."

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Colby and Joanna said...

Aww... I Love the nursery and your new family pictures are so precious!!! He's getting so big! Happy belated Father's day Adam, I'm so glad little E is doing so well, we can't wait to meet him!