Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday and we got to be home in Texas to celebrate with him! Adam and I started the drive to Texas on Friday and made it in Saturday night for dinner. We have already enjoyed seeing both of our parents, families, and friends. Today is an extra special day as I got to spend the whole day with my amazing father. We kind of lucked out because his car had a flat today and he decided to call in to work (My mom thinks it had a lot to do with me being in town because in never calls in to work.) Either way, we spent the day doing a few errands, I took him and Mom out to lunch, and we set up for his birthday dinner. I made his favorite cake that he gets every year for his birthday, the pineapple meringue cake...it is very yummy. Adam's parents came over to dinner as well to join our family (Mom, Dad, Adam, me and my brother Joshua) for the festivities.

For those of you who have met my Dad, you know he is a man who often has a smile on his face. His heart welcomes all those he meets and he genuinely finds the best in every one. To me, he has been a father who has raised me to be the woman I have grown up to be. I have memories of him playing in the yard with me as a child, teaching me how to change the oil in the car, helping me move into my college dorm, and of course, walking me down the aisle. He has prayed and lead our family by seeking the Lord first. Although decisions may not have been easy, I have seen how he has sought God for the discernment he needed to be wise as he guides our family. With love he serves all those around him by lending a helping a hand or just lending an ear to listen. Our family is truly blessed to have someone like my Dad a part of our family who leads by example and backs it up with a heart full of love and compassion. I cannot wait for our little baby to meet his grandfather and experience the love and joy everyone gets from being around my Dad. I love you Dad and wish a Happy Birthday with many many more to come!


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