Friday, February 22, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

Adam here, taking over the post. Why? Because I had the joy to witness Steph's elation being at Walt Disney World for the first time. Let me tell you, there's nothing like several days of smiling strangers calling your wife "Princess." Without further ado, here's a photo essay of our Orlando adventures. View the full album by clicking Florida 02.08 here -- there are a lot more good pics, I promise.

It wouldn't be an iconic shot without the guy over Steph's left shoulder. Seriously, though, Disney uses an optical illusion on you, making the higher windows smaller to give the castle an even bigger appearance.

Which one of these isn't like the other? (Adam's ears are considerably smaller.)

Look -- a princess! Oh, and Cinderella, too. Note: Cinderella is CLEARLY a UNC fan.

Fortunately for Adam, this guy is already spoken for.

(Warning: about to repeat a corny joke.) Beauty & the Beast. And 2 Disney characters, too.

Quick story on Disney having a professional process for everything. As I approached Princess Jasmine for this picture, she said, "My pose is different from the other princesses" (the leaning one you see above). Quite appropriate considering her costume, and totally in character. Nice work, Disney.

We thought that getting matching white gloves would have been a bit much.

Adam: "I thought it would be a funny picture to take one with the 2 evil step-sisters!"
Evil step-sister on the left (she apparently has a name, but I'm a guy, so I don't know it): "Well if you're in it, it definitely will be funny."
Hands down the best character photo we had.

I heard more "oooohhh," "whoa" and "wooow" play-by-plays from Steph during this show than at any other time during the trip. Adorable.

To infinity and beyond! Or at least onto Epcot.

The standard Epcot shot. But the ball ride was closed. Side note for "Simpsons" fans: multiple times each day I sang "Monorail, monorail, MONORAAIILL!" (Go to the 2:50 mark.) Steph wasn't amused, but it made me laugh everytime.

The only way Adam will go to France. Besides, I needed the workout.

In addition to trying to solve world hunger (seriously), Epcot is also growing pumpkins shaped like a giant rodent's head. Here's my suggestion: grow squash in the shape of a T-bone, and I'll guarantee you that I'll grill it.

Best food in all of Disney: Norway. The item on the left is called School Bread, and it's apparently served in schools. That's my kind of dining plan. That goodness on the right is an almond-covered pretzel.

The coolest vehicle at Epcot: the actual Hummer box car used in the commercial. I'm surprised Greenpeace hasn't protested its removal yet.

Biggest disappointment of the trip: the Simpsons attraction at Universal Studios wasn't open. Actually, the biggest disappointment is that I yakked after riding Dueling Dragons, but the Simpsons thing doesn't make me lose masculinity points.

There's just one thing left to say about our trip. W-O-W!

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The Cazacs said...

Thanks for having us over; we really enjoyed spending time with you guys. And...I was wondering if you (Steph) could e-mail me your AMAZING chocolate cake recipe??